I don't know why I'm so bad at blogspotting.

I originally kept this thing so that I could make longer posts without freaking people out on tumblr who aren't used to anything that isn't reduced to a couple words, written in Impact, on top of a picture of some cats.

But, I'm just going to make big posts there anyway. Because it is confusing for my brain to try to decide where to post. Okay. I'm done.


(P.S. I might be back)


7AM. Still awake.

I had some words prepared, but I copy/pasted over them. And now I don't feel like talking about it.




I'm too tired.

I've decided that on days when I finish multiple days' worth of comics, I won't be posting them all immediately. I'm stockpiling. And I'll just upload one per day. It makes more sense. I think my visitor numbers will go up. And it gives the illusion of productivity.

The past several nights, I've been staying up watching Mad Men (I just finished SE0307) and trying to readjust to life in Seattle. I haven't even been here for a week yet and it already feels like it's been forever. I cleaned my room and organized my belongings a little. (Art supply shelf & sketchbooks, sketchpads, and other blank paper goes in my secretary desk.


Okay, goodnight.

Vegan Score

I made a logo for /


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Dear deer,

I am tired from:

Going to sleep at 5
waking up at 10
Light breakfast
Skipping lunch
Double dinner
Punk Rock Yoga
Walking in wet shoes

Reading Tails of the Pet Avengers comics
(Disappointing. I just want to read more Frog Thor and Lockjaw)

Reading Spider-Man Noir #1 & 2

Reading Asterios Polyp (not done yet)

Finishing a logo
Being 2 months behind on some shirt designs
Not starting on an illustration for an art show on Thursday

Tired tired tired.