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I'm finally comicking again. It's been nearly two months and it's nice to start again. I'm back at my parents' house for the holy days. In the guest bedroom. And don't really have my own workspace. It's my stepdad's place. My mom and my brother moved here a couple years after I started college. So I never had a room to begin with, which is fine. Just sayin'. I get really self-conscious working on anything if they're watching me. I'm used to being holed up in a room by myself but then I don't get enough light.

The air here is different. I think that I'll miss it even more if I move somewhere like New York.

I drove to Emily's today, watched Mindgame, and drove back, singing along to old R&B songs playing on the radio. I miss the radio. And I kind of miss driving. At night, at least.

I miss the way I am in California. I feel like I'm more myself here. It's frustrating to not know where to eat or how I'm supposed to get there. The only time I'm here is during summer or the holidays, so there are always people to see. And it's difficult to plan things, and waiting for things to happen doesn't really work, and then I feel guilty for not trying harder, but not too guilty since I'm a homebody and always have something to work on, or something to watch, or something to read.

I'm a weird kind of comfortable here. I think I'm just as slow-moving and unmotivated as I am in Seattle but here, I can bother my brother or talk to my mom.

Today, she showed me her yearbook from 1966. So she was 13. And she looked JUST like me. It's crazy.

Okay. Well I will try to comic more. And post more.


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