oh gosh

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i'm dreading the day my round girl gets posted. everyone else's is so great. i promise i'll do better next time. i didn't spend too much time on mine. since knitty gritty, i've thought a lot about different characters. i'm not going to use any of them for FACA4 (since i can't) but they're fun to think about. There's Outbreak, who's allergic to danger, and The Lobster Liberator, who lives in some coastal city and frees lobsters from restaurants and dockyards. Also, he has all the powers of a lobster.

They're just silly little ideas but that's the point, right?

I'm glad dewey won. The illustrator behind him is fantastic. I would totally buy a dewey shirt. I'm excited for the next three divisions but this is taking too long. Maybe Sam needs time to make the prizes? Also, I haven't gotten my little cup...

I never got a chance to chance to thank everyone who voted for Knitty Gritty in the Rumble Royale. So Thanks. I had fun making her. Hopefully, I'll use her in some future projects.

edit: i forgot about lobster johnson... i don't know how. he's such a cool character.